In August 2011, Donald Perry – a soup kitchen manager and single room occupancy outreach coordinator – picked up a homeless man and gave him a ride to a nearby town.

Along the way they were stopped by a state police officer. Shortly before Donald stopped the truck the homeless man fled — leaving his possessions behind. When the police officer searched the truck he found stolen items amongst the homeless man’s possessions.

Donald was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property. From the beginning, Donald proclaimed his innocence but spent almost a year in jail waiting for his trial, and another year and seven months in jail after his acquittal.

When Donald went before a judge and jury in July 2012, he was acquitted of all charges. On the day of his acquittal, Donald was returned to the local jail and held on a “parole warrant” because, prior to his arrest, Donald was on parole. (Read about The Case).

At present, Donald is on parole for life based on his imposed sentence. Donald, Elaine, close family members, and friends well understand after this recent incident, that Donald can be picked up and returned to prison any moment regardless of what he does or doesn’t do.

The idea and much effort now is Donald going back into court on a RULE 30 motion to hopefully get his life sentence vacated. Donald says he’ll never be FREE until he’s off parole, period.

Together We are So Powerful


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